Hello! I’m Gunther Nutt, (owner of Seascape Company Limited) and born in Liechtenstein. Although German is my native language, I’m also fluent in English and Thai.

Bob's Tiki 46' in Koh Racha (Sanyasin)

Bob’s Tiki 46′ in Koh Racha (Sanyasin)

Initially I was trained as a cabinet maker and earned a prestigious prize during my apprenticeship for quality workmanship. I moved from making furniture to learning the craft of sailing via several years of working my way up the ladder of yachting crew positions, until I was skippering yachts for several local Phuket charterer’s. Today, I’m recognized within the local industry, as a respected businessman, reliable boat constructor and sailor. Once a year, I`m racing my Friendship Sloop “Kerida” designed by Abdon Carter in 1914, in the Phuket Race Week, (PRW)

25 years ago I began Seascape by supervising the construction of a number of fast tracked boat construction projects; some were of steel construction and others wood, fiberglass & epoxy. Apart from those early years, I have concentrated on building wooden boats, sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy for my customers, who range from private clients to limited companies.

The company skill base is now solidly based on timber, fiberglass and epoxy and every method encountered to ensure that all the structural elements within our boats continue to perform throughout their respective lifespan, provided that the owner maintains them in a conscientious manner. We also have a treasure trove of experience in every aspect relating to selecting and installing the equipment you require on board. All our staff are Thai nationals and have been in-house trained by me to Seascape’s exacting standards.

Commissioning a boat from Seascape gives you the confidence to sail your craft in a relaxed and safe manner in all weather conditions; because we give you a bespoke, customized boat, fitted out with craftsmanship care, ensuring you have a beautiful, durable, rugged, reliable and safe craft, in which to enjoy your future sailing odyssey’s.

Over the years we have constructed many different wooden boat designs from “self build” plans provided by our clients. Some plans are better detailed than others, and the level of detail included affects our final price, especially if you wish to make radical changes to the internal layout of the plans you possess. It’s important to ensure the boat you finally order, is the right one for you, and only you can make that final call.

Whatever level of sailing experience you have right now, if you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you in fulfilling your dream of owning a beautifully crafted handmade wooden boat, please contact me.

Live easy – Sail Hard.


Gunther Nutt

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