Letters of recommendation/Testimonials

There are many more letters of recommendations, simply to numerous to list all of them here. Just see a selection of the latest one below.


Dear Mark,

Gunther has mentioned to me that you are seriously considering placing an order for a boat with him and have asked for personal references from some of his customers.

I’ve known Gunther for five years. His boatyard achieves excellent workmanship and several of the boats he has made are floating at anchor in Ao Chalong for you to confirm that fact. Gunther is an easy person to get along with and is widely respected both for his knowledge of boat building and as a person of high integrity.

I have commissioned several maritime items from Gunther and have always been fully satisfied with the quality and price. Were I to require a boat to be built, he would be the builder of my choice. I know several owners that have had their boats built by Gunther, and they are all fully satisfied with their craft and also with the ongoing maintenance service that he offers.

Yours faithfully,

Gordon Anderson BSc, CEng., MIME


Dear Nigel,

I am writing to you as Gunther at Seascape told me that you are looking to contract him to build a Pahi 52` and that you would like a letter of recommendation from previous customers.

I had a Tiki 30 built by Gunther and we launched in 2002. The whole process was easy, enjoyable, and on budget, (unlike a lot of other yards! I have heard many horror stories over the years – some still ongoing), and Gunther and his team built me “the sweetest most beautiful Tiki 30” as described by James Wharram and Hannker boom, when they visited in , I think, in 2003. Gunther suggested various modifications to the design, making “Nok Talay” more suitable to the tropical climate, and JWD was very complimentary after inspecting the boat from top to bottom, commenting that the various modifications were great.

Gunther has built many many Wharram catamarans since launching “Nok Talay” and that his team are experts at making JW designs come to life and actually improving on the design.

I would not hesitate to have another boat built at Seascape, and if I could find the money for a Tiki 46 I would pay the deposit tomorrow!

You can see some pics of Nok Talay at ( sorry but we no longer do bareboat charters – only daytrips) and you can see the pics of the build at

If you need further info, I am available on +66-892893355

Best regards and I hope your sailing dreams come true.

Marty Peters



All 4 main  boats of my company , Siam Sailing ( ), have been built by Seascape . Our boats are used for, mainly , bareboat charter all year round ,so it’s fair to say they do not have an easy life. Our charters take people well off the beaten track and yes, from time to time boats do touch reefs or worse.

The age of our boats ( 2x Tiki 38 and 2 x Tiki 30) is now from 12 – 9 years and in all that time of hard use I have never experienced a problem with any of the four for which I would go back to the builder.  Guenther’s habit of meticulously epoxying & glassing all surfaces, visible and out of sight, obviously pays off , there is absolutely no rot or soggy ply etc on any of the boats .

Should you want to come and have a look and a chat,  you are most welcome.

By the way, I do not have any business connection with Seascape, other then being a satisfied customer

If I can be of any further help, please do let me know.

Cheers for now  and with best regards


Maxim Jurgens

Siam Sailing, Phuket



To Bruno Marty, proud owner of a modified racing T 26`.

Hello Bruno,

I was one of the costumers from Gunter from Seascape. I had the chance to see him build 2 boats before he started on mine. Having studied the marked very well, I know that I got the best deal that I could find. I was on a very tied budget, what made it not to easy for Gunther, but he did, what he had promised, even better. I was during the whole project with the boat, so you can see building pictures from the whole time.
Gunter is a man that understands to build any boat, finds solutions to make it easier to sail, even for me as a one handed sailor, going single handed, with my boat on big trips. Perfect boat for me. I live for more than a year on my boat, and I can say the boat is good, and very strong, but smooth enough even in big seas.
You can have a look at my boat, and you even may go sailing with me, when you are here.
Today, I have to admit that we are very good friends, and that is also why I love to share my experience with you. I had also the experience to see many of Gunter’ s boat, and they are all beauties that I saw.
If I had the budget the Voyager 38 was also mine first choice. The 38 catamaran that was build before mine, I had even the chance to sail with it, was my dream. But today I must say I happy with my smaller boat too.
Have a look at my sites and pictures, even a video,
Pictures, look at

Good luck with your project, and don’t worry, you will get the best for your money.

Eric Van Wanseele
(Proud owner of a T 30)

Silent Sound Centre

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